Saturday, February 18, 2012

Superbowl Sweetness


"A Lombardi what?!" This was my reaction when Barbara, a mom from my kids' school, asked me to do a cake for his son Liam's 11th birthday.  Liam is an avid football fan, stemming from the fact, perhaps, that his birthday usually falls on the week that leads up to what apparently is the holiest day in sports. He wants a Vincent Lombardi trophy on the cake, his Mom said, with colours of the Patriots and the Giants.

Growing up in a country where the national sport is basketball, I have very little knowledge about football. I had no clue who the Patriots nor the Giants were, and I didn't quite get the fascination North Americans have over it.  

Google images proved to be helpful, like always, and I managed to make this cake like I know who Eli Manning is. 

I did watch the game, though.  Madonna (halftime show) was initially the main reason, but I patiently sat through it and tried to understand the phenomenon. I realized football is more than a sport that gives you a great excuse to drink and eat all the wings your body can handle.  It's all about math, precision and strategy.  It's about skill, salsa dancing, and one pissed off super model. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the game. 

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this cake!! What is the trophy made of? Is it all gum paste?